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Our Mission

Evolving through shared experience and competencies, our mission is to provide a collaborative community for our members that stimulates growth and innovation, leverages core competencies, provides direct access to top level supplier contracts, and serves as a platform for strategic engagement and advocacy within the industry.

Our Story

The Genesis of TSX

Our story began in 2015, born from a collective realization among founding organizations that there was immense untapped potential in creating a unified front. This wasn't about merging identities but about harnessing collective bargaining power while retaining each member's unique brand and autonomy. By 2018, our vision had crystallized into a formal entity, incorporated as a Delaware Corporation, setting the stage for a transformative journey.

A Pivot to Non-Profit

In 2019, a pivotal shift occurred. We transitioned to a non-profit model, adopting bylaws that reflected our core ethos: collaboration over competition. This change wasn't merely administrative; it was a declaration of our commitment to shared growth and mutual success. Our exempt status, approved that same year, marked a new chapter of community-focused service and industry advocacy.

DALL·E 2024-02-25 16.53.04 - Create an abstract hero background image for the Technology S

Navigating Industry Shifts

The following years were a testament to our adaptability and foresight. 2021 saw a significant shift in our industry's landscape, prompting us to evolve our service offerings and business designation. This was not about reacting to change but leading through it. By 2022, our portfolio had expanded, addressing the dynamic needs of our members and setting new standards of excellence.

Expansion and Growth

2023 marked a year of significant expansion, not just in services but in our operational footprint. With a new office in Raleigh, NC, and a bolstered team, we were poised for even greater impact. This growth mirrored the expanding scope of our mission and the deepening influence of our network within the industry.

The Power of Partnership

Experienced Leadership

Why Choose TSX?

Choosing TSX means choosing a future where your voice matters, where your growth is supported by a network of peers, and where innovation thrives on collective wisdom. It's a choice to stand at the forefront of the technology industry, shaping its direction with every project, partnership, and initiative.

Join Our Story

As we continue to write the chapters of our journey, we invite you to be a part of this unfolding story. Whether you're seeking to expand your reach, deepen your industry impact, or simply find a community of like-minded innovators, TSX is your platform for success.

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